Six Month Experience With Royal Enfield Electra

So the Bullet Bug bited me too.

My friend Shivinder lend me his Electra for a fortnight and that’s what got me started into the Thump world. Enfield is a cult bike among Riders in India and now i can relate why. it is slow,calm and composed bike. oodles of Torque, now i am hooked onto it like a leech.

what i got is a 2003 Model Silver Electra.
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i bought it in 58k INR(~950$). as production of Cast Iron Engined bike stopped in 2010 so that model of Enfield is in demand right now and people are asking for ridiculous amount of money. just to put things into prespective, new Standard enfield with UCE Engine is price at 1 Lakh rs on road (~1650$) and people are asking for 1.5 lakh for a 2010 model. i expect prices to rise furthur ,have noticed this hapens with any of cult motorcycle when it goes out in production.RD350 also fetches same kind of price 1.5 lakh. there are no spares and bike was phased out in 1985 , still people are mad after RD350.

The bike when i bought was not in best of condition.
i have got following work done on Motorcycle:-
-Normal Service right after buying
-Changed Clutch plates
-Got rear shockers changed
-switched alloys to Spokes

for comprehensive Ownership experience please check this Excel file
Electra is having digital CDI and so it is not possible to ride it @low speed in high gears. something Standard owners take pride still is better than modern japanese Bikes in this regard. The low speed riding thing doesn’t matters to me much. for me the sweet riding spot of electra is @70kmphr. it can go on and on at that speed all day long

Maintenance wise this is a expensive bike on pocket. Mechanic ask exorbiant prices of sum as i am a DIY guy so slowly learning to fix it myself.

Things i love about the Bike:-
Ride Quality:- it is quite heavy bike at 170kgs. but all metal body and wide wheel base of 19 inches eats every obstacle on the feels planted at road at speed of 80 and is stable like rock.

Thump:- Thump is the main plus point of this bike. you have to ride it for some time to get feel of the thump. it’s addictive. i have ridden standard /AVL and electra . standard has best thump of them all.

Rideability in low gears:- i do less changes than my other bike.

Torque:- Bike pulls like locomotive,that s the main thing that got hooked me and i am in awe at how the bike pulls from 40kmphr to 80kmphr

Things not so good:-
Clunky gearshifts
Poor braking
weight on being higher side

Despite above all not so good things Enfield is truly a timeless classic.i used to be such a hater of Enfield and used to curse my friends who had this bike. one ride on it was all it was required to Brainwash me. some decisions in your life you take from heart and not from brain and this was one of those.

i am riding the bike from last six months and have ridden it more than 5k Kms it hasn’t let me down once. it is more of like a meditative ride on this motorcycle. i make it a point to ride it once a day 😉

next in list is to buy Proper Riding Gears 🙂

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Well Never Seeks the Thirsty!

There is a saying in Hindi- Pyaasa hi kue ke pass jata hai. It means Thirsty has to seek the well, to quench his thirst. Lately i have came across this attitude of waiting for things to happen in some of my friends. That is a recipe for disaster , when you are not in control & deceide to rely on fate ? you should get out of this mental attitude fast enough and take control of things in your hand. This is laziness and you should try to be more active and make fate for yourself. few points that might be of use to such guys are as below-

A) Be active , start and move around. do exercise and keep your body moving. get vital oxygen in your lungs.

B) Try to be More social, don’t sit in one corner waiting for things to happen. meeting new people and communicating make you active and bring out of crap thinking.

C) Make targets and achieve them. track your progress and dont rest until the goals have been met.

if you are thirsty ,you have to go and seek water . it s not other way around.
Another saying goes like this. even mother wount feed you if baby wount make a noise. become active , take control of things in your hand, one thing at a time. There is nothing in this world you cannot achieve!

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Motivation for Running!

Running is a good way to start getting in shape. if you are a beginner, you should start slow but human is a lazy fellow he will get bored of everything soon enough, New Toy/Car/House nothing holds charm forever.

Following are few Ways to keep you motivated for running-

A) Be Enthusiastic about Running, don’t take it as a daily chore.

B) Meditate while running. look and analyze closely how your body moves and feels in motion.The feel of shoe hitting the ground, the pain from Back/calves. Thoughts of Quitting and other thoughts cluttering your mind.

C) Install a Tracking App on your Iphone/Android . i use Sports-tracker and it does good job of tracking the distance and elevation done, pulling stats from inbuild phone GPS.

D) Ask friends or Partner to start with you.Compete with them and motivate them to track more distance.

Running works your Cardiovascular system and saves you from heart related diseases, increasing your quality of life.

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Resources to help speed up WordPress website!!

Google has started measuring a Website’s speed as a criteria in ranking .Your Blog is not fast, get ready to be punished.

Following are good resources to get started with speeding up your blog-



3)Google page speed and y slow by Yahoo

Go to these websites and Analyze your website. try following the recommendation.
Google Page speed and yslow has firefox and chrome plugins too. comes handy optimising the website.

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How to fix WordPress White page of Death error

White screen of death is a situation when nothing loads on your wordpress website, your visitors are greeted with a blank page.

here is a Sample WordPress website

fix wordpress-white screenof death error

While working on Odesk as freelancer i have came across lot of job posts with requests to fix the white screen of death errors.why do these errors occur?
As per my experience with fixing such errors go. It’s Either due to a misbehaving plugin or something is wrong with the theme files.

Scenario one-if your website shows white screen but you can navigate to wp-admin on your website and can log in, then this is due to files being moved. as theme files are not there , wordpress had nothing to display as all calls to the functions fail.

Scenario 2-if you cannot navigate to wp-admin and even it is displaying a 404 error , then try http://www.websitename/wp-login.php . it can work some times but if it doesnt work then i suspect the problem is due to some misbehaving plugin.

simple solution to this is to login to hosting backend/ FTP Manager and rename the plugins folder.That will disable all the plugins including the one which is mis-behaving. your website should be live now. Now remember which plugin you activated recently and confirm whether it again breaks down the website by activating it again. on confirming that this is the plugin causing havoc you can remove it

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How to Make Money Online For Indians? two best tips!

Two best money making tips i have learned while working online from last eight years or so.


1) Best is to Start blogging-

  • Earning via Adsense ,Chitika and other advertising networks
  • Earn by Paid posts and Reviews.
  • Promote a Product and earn from Affliates.

2) Start Freelancing-Recognise your +point and make money from it. websites like has lot of

  • Data entry jobs
  • Writing jobs
  • Assistant jobs
  • Programming jobs
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After 7 years and 65K kms on Bajaj Pulsar 150

i am using a Bajaj pulsar UG2 from 2006 and in this blog post i will write down my Experiences with the bike.It was my first bike and i still have it.Bike was head turner and attention Grabber in 2006 until Yamaha showed up with FZ in 2008.

pulsar ug2 long term ownership review

Pulsar is very good VFM bike. i have covered close to 65k kms on it and i have no regrets buying it whatsoever. it is not a perfect bike , not as smooth as a Honda Unicorn or even as torquey as FZ but i still prefer it over the both.Most fragile part of bike is the Engine. Engine is good for like 30k kms, then it starts to age and it age very fast. was very disapointed at the 30k km mark. after some hit and trial came to know the Engine oil was shit. shifted to Petronas semi-synt and then to Motul and now Bike is very good. i Redline in every gear but bike doesnt heat up like mad and no Oil Burning smell from engine. i am now more than happy with the bike. i love the mid end torque and the engine growl. had to face the silencer rust problem.

what i have learned is every bike has it’s own characteristics and you have to love it for that and above all love your bike for what it is.

Good points about Pulsar-
Mad acceleration
Good Package
lot of gadgets and First’s
Cheap Spares

Not so good point-
Ages fast
High Maintenance after 30K km
poor service

Love it or hate it , fact is that pulsar was first to bring Biking revoluton in India. i still wish they start producing much better engine 🙂

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